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SteamVac have a great range off accessories to make your Truck Mount or Portable easier to use and more powerful than ever before. We stock Wands and Tools to make your machine simpler to use. From waste management systems to in-line heaters to upholstery cleaners, SteamVac has you covered.

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Gas Hot Vapour System

Gulpa Waste Management

This is the ultimate waste system for commercial carpet cleaning and flood work. The advantage is in the design, the Gulpa is made out of a clear Perspex box which enables you the user to show your clients exactly what sort, and what volumes of dirt that is being sucked out of their carpets.

The Gulpa takes waste before your portable, less moisture enters your machine, giving you longer vac motor life.

Used externally as normal, or internally where the is installed into a waste tank, The Gulpa gives your machine an auto waste pump feature, with no need to manually drain waste.


The "Sizzler" is a 1000 psi inline pressure water heater that gives more heat to your portable. it operates on 10 amp power and is ideal to work inline with a portable unit, for the cleaning of upholstery and other applications where heat can be lost through water solution lines.

It is fitted with a stainless steel inner heater coil rated at 3000 psi and an adjustable thermostat with a safety shut off.

SV66L Dehumidifier

Turbo Boost

The Booster is an added vacuum air flow booster pack designed to work inline with a portable machine to create more vacuum suction for jobs requiring more drying time or for you to use more hose. Housing 2x1200 Watt 2 Stage vac motors with a genuine wet seal on bearings.

Turbo Jet

The 3 speed carpet dryer is ideal in drying the wet carpets, blankets, and floors after cleaning or flood work. 1Hp model is available. The Carpet Dryer is designed in 3 adjustable angles at 0 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

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